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PORNO 101:
from the Porno Guys @ Cream Team

PORNO 101 is the first instructional video tape on how to make and sell adult sex video sex scenes.

In this tutorial we will explain the basic techniques of XXX amature video production.

We cover everything from finding talent to selling your Video.



 The worldwide demand for good Amature Adult videos is great.
But the big bucks only go to the videos that look and sound good.
Learn the technical side of Adult Videomaking from veteran professionals the PORNO GUYS. Turn sexy home fun and games into cash!

PORNO 101 is the first instructional and single most comprehensive guide on how to make and sell adult video sex scenes.
In this tutorial they will explain the basic techniques of amateur video production, and will cover everything from finding talent to selling your tapes.
This tutorial will offer some insights you may have overlooked along with tips on the ins and outs you will need to help you anticipate and avoid any unforeseen bumps in the road.



 The PORNO GUYS have over 144 worldwide releases and will share that vast knowledge with you, are you ready to experience the world of adult video. If your interest is in trading sex tapes for "non-commercial" private use or you want to shoot scenes that will be desirable in the commercial marketplace PORNO 101: is for you, it addresses the pitfalls of adult video production with simple solutions in laymens terms. The attributes that make a tape desirable for a production company are the same strengths that make for a superior homemade private porno. Impress your friends with how awesome your sex scenes play out.


 The PORNO 101: kit covers the basic techniques of amateur erotic videomaking with an industry standard model release form included. Pornography is a uniquely specialized form of entertainment with it's own set of rules. It should awaken the predominant primal urge in us all, sex! If it's poorly produced it becomes a unconscious distraction to the unfortunate frustrated viewer. A scene that appeals to various production companies will also impress you're tape trading friends. The desired effect is the same in both cases. Mainstream movies endevour to let you feel the full spectrum of human emotions but despite the complexity, runaway budgets and astronomical promotional costs you don't see too many people having swing parties with Waterworld as the background video. Adult video may be the illegitimate child to the movie industry but porno always hits it's target audience without fail. And they always "come" back for more.


 The amateur erotic video market place is a "black hole" in the porno business. endlessly searching for scenes featuring new faces to be acquired by studios, then packaged and released. The search is relentless, and the cycle is continuous. If you shoot scenes on a regular basis or just starting out take advantage of this never ending void by being one of the independent suppliers of amateur erotic scenes. Adult entertainment companies have many things to consider when making a decision whether to purchase your video or file it in the rejection bin. PORNO 101: tunes you in to what the industry looks for in a tape. Probably more important than that PORNO 101 enlightens you to what may not be desirable. For fun or profit PORNO 101 covers your needs.


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